Couture Beading Ethos

We want to preserve traditional hand beading techniques, and the continued existence of professional beaders in Britain today - Artisans who design and make can therefore guarantee professionalism and standard of work. This means that if you commission work from us, it will have been designed and made by us. The only exception to this, are very large commissions , when we can call on one or two of our expert and trusted colleagues, in the same way that major projects , such as the Royal Wedding dresses were embroidered.

Economic pressure worldwide has seen the demise of most individual embroidery ateliers in London, with designs being worked where ever there is the cheapest labour force, and whilst we are glad that skilled embroiderers, where ever they are, are getting work, we lament the often poor rates of pay they receive, and therefore the devaluing of beading as a craft and as an art form.

To us small is truly beautiful -  we do not mass-produce, or ‘out source’. We offer individual professional and exclusive work to discerning clients, using age-old techniques that we have honed over 35 years.

If you want something unique and different , contact us to book a consultation appointment. 

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