How to Commission:

You can contact us:
by phone
by e-mail
via our enquiry box - Choose any of these options by clicking on ‘Contact Us

Please give us as much information as possible about your proposed project.
We are happy to work to a specific budget. We do not offer a making up service, but can work closely with your chosen dressmaker. Anything you see on our site can be made in the beads, pearls and crystals of your choice. We have a stock of vintage beads, including beautiful 3 cut Czech vintage beads, some colours of which are now unobtainable, and also vintage haberdashery, and antique buttons. It is important that you allow sufficient time for the embroidery to be worked prior to making up. It is also possible to embellish existing outfits, thereby giving them a different look.

Professional Services for Designers:

We have over 35 years of working with professional designers for couture, theatre, film, media or advertising etc, and are used to working to historical and contemporary briefs, and deadlines. You can get an over-view of our previous work in our section ‘About Us’.

Lectures & Workshops:

If you are an Embroiderers Guild, College, University or other organisation, you maybe interested in booking us to give a lecture or workshop. e.g:
‘The historical development of tambour embroidery to contemporary tambour beading’

Current Commissions:

For copyright reasons we are unable to show examples of our couture, film and theatre work, but two designers have kindly given us permission to show the images below.

Wired and tamboured beading on trailing lace motifs for bridalwear designer Jacqueline Byrne
Commissions - Jacqueline Byrne

Pheasant feather embroidery on a corset made by designer Daniel Harris - 07722 244182.
Commission for Daniel Harris

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